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Flagle Game

Flagle is a guessing game for those who want to expand their knowledge about the world and other countries. In Flagle, you have to guess the country whose flag is hidden using no more than six attempts. Each time you fail, you can unlock another piece of the hidden flag. What's more, every time you will receive geographical hints about the location of the target country. So it’s the best way to improve your geographical skills!

How to play Flagle?


Tap on the box below the hidden flag. Select any country from the list that opens. At first glance, you can choose any random country, but make sure you know enough about its location to use further geographical clues.


Use hints about the direction and distance from the selected country to the target country to make a second guess.


Number of kilometers will show you how far the target country is.


The arrow will indicate the direction in which to look for the country whose flag is hidden.


There are six attempts to guess the correct country. A new part of the flag will be opened after each failed attempt until the entire flag is shown.

Did you like Flagle Game?

Flagle is a puzzle game based on Wordle, but with an emphasis on guessing national flags rather than words. Every day a new flag is added to the game, so you can play it once a day with your friends and family to improve your knowledge about the world, other countries and their flags. By playing Flagle online, you will be able to distinguish even very similar flags with slight visual differences and evaluate the location of countries to each other. Statistics will show you the number of games played, the percentage of wins and the distribution of guesses. Improve your results to become the best and share your scores on social networks!